About Joye


Joye Madden is a parent coach, consultant, and mental health advocate. She is dedicated to guiding others on a journey of personal and family growth. This dedication stems from her own personal healing story—Joye had to dig into the darkness of her childhood plagued with her parent’s mental health and addiction. These issues followed her into her marriage and family. She courageously embraced the need for therapy, rehab, and therapeutic boarding schools as part of her family story. Watching her loved ones and children struggle with mental health disorders only strengthened Joye’s desire to fight against the stigma of mental illness. Joye’s long and arduous journey led to the discovery of her own light and she is now devoted to walking with clients alone on a similar path of healing. 

Joye’s practice in the field of recovery began at Bradford Health Services, an addiction recovery program. She assisted in their family program, by welcoming the family members and sharing her story. She was the first face they saw, as they entered the doors to become educated on addiction and mental illness. She was always there to greet them with a huge southern smile and a big hug. She then moved on to The Bridge To Recovery, a trauma treatment center, where she sat as an active board member. Before that, she assisted in their family program and their Adult Professional Program. 

After countless trainings, conducting research and learning from her own mentors, Joye went out on her own to become a true advocate for families struggling with mental illness and addiction. She is now a certified Conscious Parenting Coach (by Dr. Shefali Tsabary), specializing in working with parents or caregivers who have children suffering from mental health challenges. 

Joye’s work focuses on guiding moms into personal healing, practicing self-care in the midst of motherhood, and finding the appropriate resources for helping families who are struggling or in crisis. Her coaching work allows for parents to heal at their own pace, finding personalized healing for each family member. Sometimes, moms just need to be heard, to connect and for someone to just listen and hear their story. 

Joye lives in Birmingham, Alabama. When she is not working with families, you can find her knitting, baking, playing with her pups, and enjoying time with her family! 

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  • Parent and Family Coaching

  • Consultant

  • Resource Provider

  • Individual Recovery Plans