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Joye Madden Coach + Consultant is here to help mothers navigate their personal journey as well as be a guide in aiding with their child's mental health challenges.

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"Joye and I connected when I was seeking guidance on making the most difficult decision a parent can make; transitioning your struggling child from your home to therapeutic treatment outside of the home. Joye combined her own personal and professional insight, with her  compassionate, authentic, and relatable nature to provide the support I needed so I could access the necessary confidence to take the next step."


I grew up experiencing my own bouts of anxiety and depression, but they were never talked about or understood. With Joye, I feel so nurtured, held and SEEN. Her gentle compassion and understanding of the challenges we encounter with mental health episodes is both relieving and liberating. I am so grateful for Joye's loving guidance as I now embark upon the unknown world of raising a teenage daughter with debilitating episodes of anxiety. 


-Susanna Peace Lovell

Life Coach for Special Needs Families

It has been an honor to work with Joye for the past 5 years. Her dedication to guiding families and connecting them with resources is never ending. She uses a knowledge and passion that began with her own experience, to embrace others who are still suffering. 

- Terra Holbrook, LCSW, CSAT, CADC

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